Ethiopian Sundried Sidamo GUJI GR. 4 Mountain Water Decaff

 A province in southern Ethiopia known for coffees that have fine acidity, body and sweetness.

Guji is a sub region in Sidamo that produces amazingly fruity, floral coffees. 

As a decaffeinated coffee, this is a standout. The classic fruit and spice notes come through in the cup.

This particular coffee has been processed Naturally before the mountain water decaffeination process.


Cupping Score: 85.00

Coffee Details
Χώρα: Ethiopia
Περιοχή: Guji, Sidamo
Φάρμα: Various small holdings
Υψόμετρο: 1600-1800 masl
Ποικιλίες: Heirloom
Οξύτητα: Medium Low
Σώμα: Solid
Γεύση: Syrupy fruity
Άρωμα: Fruity
Διαθέσιμος: Coming Soon
Όψη κόκκου:
Περίοδος συγκομιδής:
Μέγεθος / Ποιότητα: Gr. 4
Επεξεργασία: MW Decaf Natural
Mixed fruits & Chocolate
Mixed fruits & Chocolate
Dark chocolate and caramel sugars, tropical fruit, citrus notes


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