Mexico Cedrillo Ronda Microlot

This coffee was recommended to us by our favourite estate in Mexico, Finca Kassandra.  Eva farms close by to the estate of Finca Kassandra, which have provided support and advice to this small producer, produce very specific microlots for the speciality market


Rich, deep note of ripe plum, dark chocolate, citrusy and juicy


Cupping Score: 88.65

Coffee Details
Χώρα: Mexico
Περιοχή: Custepec
Φάρμα: Eva Pohlenz Schmidt
Υψόμετρο: 1275 masl
Ποικιλίες: Sarchimor
Οξύτητα: Medium
Σώμα: Rich
Γεύση: Juicy, plum, chocolate
Άρωμα: Fruity
Διαθέσιμος: Coming Soon
Όψη κόκκου:
Περίοδος συγκομιδής:
Μέγεθος / Ποιότητα: Scr 17/18 EP Microlot
Επεξεργασία: Washed
Malty notes, ripe fruits, citrus sweet
Malty notes, ripe fruits, citrus sweet
Stone fruit, mainly peaches


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