Coffee Dive

where coffee is not just another coffee.
It is an experience, a dive in the world of coffee


Every sip and a new discovery for your taste buds. Every time something different. Passion! Intensity!

Coffee is supposed to accompany humans in many personal and social occasions. It is the support, the oomph. We have a coffee when we are happy or sad, at work or for leisure and often the reason or the excuse for a casual get together or a most important business deal.

It is the circular shape that is eminent from the cherry to the bean to the utensils used to make a cup, to the cup itself. It focuses the eye and has a unique unbelievable power that usually goes unnoticed. It encompasses warmth, strength and tenderness, perfection, satisfaction. Yearning!

Having captured our attention it fills our nostrils with its aroma that immerses independent of whether it’s fresh green or roasted beans, grinded or brewed. Provocative!

Provokes you to taste it. Your taste buds are erupting with the different tastes and aftertastes. Fulfillment!

Just because a good cup of coffee is as good as the beans that go in it, we at Coffee Dive, search, discover and import only superior quality specialty and microlot coffee from around the world.

Every cup of coffee is unique. As every living organism it provokes the senses. And the senses change depending on the many different factors that affect them. The country of origin, the exact location, the soil, the weather, the rainfall, the way it was picked from the tree, and the processing make the most important factors that comprise a cup of coffee. Roasting and the way you brew it are the means of revealing the good aspects of the coffee profile and hide its defects.

We roast daily in all our stores using the same roasting profiles making sure we reveal the cupping profile of each individual coffee and offer it to you fresh and degassed for a minimum of 2 days.

Come and dive in the world of coffee and discover the thrill of a freshly roasted coffee. Indulge yourself with over 20 different single origins, estates and micro lots from around the world and decide what suits best your taste buds depending on the time and mood of the day.

And it's not just the coffee. It is not just the high quality of the beans that have been roasted to perfection; It is not just the aroma, the flavour the body of the coffee we offer. We invite you to come and try your coffee made out of peculiar coffee making machines. The French balloon of the 1830's or the Royal Belgium Siphon of the 1850's, the unique cold brew from the Far East and more.

At Coffee Dive, the coffee is not just coffee. It is a ritual. Take a dive in the world of coffee.


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