GUATEMALA Huehuetenango

Huehuetenango is perhaps the best growing regions of Guatemala, owing to many geographical and climate advantages over other regions.

Fully washed, naturally fermented, sun dried, hand- picked for export


Lightly roasted walnuts, dark cocoa powder. Pleasant, bright acidity


Cupping Score: 83.00


Available for a limited time only as our main coffee.

Coffee Details
Country: Guatemala
Region: Western Highlands
Altitude: 1828 masl
Variety: Bourbon, Catura, Catuai
Acidity: Medium - High
Body: Solid
Flavour: Dark chocolate, walnuts
Aroma: Intense nuts
Available: Now
Bean Appearance:
Harvest Period:
Screen Size / Grade: SHB, European Preparation
Processing: Washed
Dark chocolate, walnuts
Dark chocolate, walnuts


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