RWANDA Gihombo Microlot

Located in Rwanda's Western Region and built in 2006, the Gihombo wet mill became fully functional in 2011. Situated in the hills surrounding Lake Kivu, the volcanic soil and 1020mm rainfall ensures prime growing conditions for coffee. Since opening, the Gihombo Wet Station has shown consistency in processing quality.


Elegant coffee, red cherry, currants, milk chocolate, great body.


Cupping Score: 85.40

Coffee Details
Country: Rwanda
Region: Nyamasheke District
Estate: Gihombo Wet mill
Altitude: 1755 masl
Variety: Catura, Catuai, Bourbon
Acidity: Bright
Body: Solid
Flavour: Red cherry, currants, milk chocolate
Aroma: Winey
Available: Now
Bean Appearance:
Harvest Period:
Screen Size / Grade: Microlot
Processing: Fully Washed , Sundried
Intense, chocolate, citrus, fruits
Red cherry, currants, milk chocolate
Intense, chocolate, citrus, fruits


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