Nicaragua La Bastilla 'El Peñón' Blueberry Candy

This is a truly exceptional coffee from the El Penon micro-farm on the estate which has optimum soil and altitude for the Red Catuai varietal. The amazing taste comes from the cherries being hand-picked when very ripe then slowly and carefully dried at a low temperature. Of all the microlots, Blueberry Candy is most difficult and time consuming to process but the end result speaks for itself.


Sweet coffee fruit, pineapple, fresh cocoa, blueberry candy like overall sweetness


Cupping Score: 91.35


El Peñón is a micro farm at the Hacienda La Bastilla. The plantation lies on a south-east facing steep slope. The soil is volcanic making it rich in nutrients - ideal for coffee cultivation.The area receives ample annual rainfall and maintains an average temperature of 21 degrees C.

El Peñón was planted with the catuai variety in 2010 making this one of the first few crops to be harvested from the young trees. The micro lot was naturally processed at the estate’s mill. It has been hulled, graded, bagged and stored at La Bastilla mill until shipment.

La Bastilla Estate covers 311 hectares in total, with 180 hectares planted with coffee and has been Rainforest Alliance certified for over 10 years (2003).

Coffee Details
Country: Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega, north-west Nicaragua
Estate: La Bastilla - El Peñón Plantation
Sustainable: Rainforest Alliance
Altitude: 1250 - 1350 masl
Variety: Red Catuai
Acidity: Well Balanced - Bright
Body: Rich Clean
Flavour: Blueberry Cocoa
Aroma: Tropical Tutti Frutti
Available: Now
Bean Appearance:
Harvest Period:
Screen Size / Grade: Microlot
Processing: Natural


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