Indonesia Sumatra Blue Roca

Johanes Hutasoit is a producer who has built a reputation for sourcing incredibly high quality coffees from his network of 1000 small farms most farming around 600 trees.


Burnt caramel, citrus with ruby grapefruit, tobacco and chocolate, floral notes


Cupping Score: 91.11

Coffee Details
Country: Indonesia
Region: Sumatra
Estate: Johanes Hutasoit
Altitude: 1400 masl
Variety: Catimor, Jember, Onang Ganjang
Acidity: High
Body: Full
Flavour: Complex, tobacco & cirtus
Aroma: Tobacco
Available: Coming Soon
Bean Appearance:
Harvest Period:
Screen Size / Grade: Scr 17 up
Processing: Wet Hulled (Gilling Basah)


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