RWANDA Gaseke Microlot

The Gaseke Wet Mill is situated in Rwanda’s Western District in the Kagano Sector. About 370 small farmers growing between 200-400 trees supply the mill.  Good rainfall and rich, volcanic soils make the area ideal for coffee growing. Many of the farmers are women who are utilizing the opportunities and support to increase their coffee output.


Milk chocolate, sweet, fruit salad like notes, solid body


Cupping Score: 85.4

Coffee Details
Χώρα: Rwanda
Περιοχή: Nyamasheke District
Φάρμα: Gaseke Wet Mill
Υψόμετρο: 1483 masl
Ποικιλίες: Catura, Catuai
Οξύτητα: Mid - Low
Σώμα: Full
Γεύση: Mixed fruits & Chocolate
Άρωμα: Fruity
Διαθέσιμος: Coming Soon
Όψη κόκκου:
Περίοδος συγκομιδής:
Μέγεθος / Ποιότητα: Microlot
Επεξεργασία: Fully Washed
Mixed fruits & Chocolate
Mixed fruits & Chocolate
Dark chocolate and caramel sugars, tropical fruit, citrus notes


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