Dominican Republic Barahona Paraiso

We have long awaited for a special Dominican coffee. Last time was 4 years ago.

Barahona is widely considered to be the finest of the country’s premium gourmet coffees.

The coffee in general is notable for its rich flavour with high acidity. Considered somewhat similar to gourmet Jamaican coffees, grown in the southeast region of the Dominican Republic.


Lovely malty notes, ripe fruit, touch of citrus sweet with very gentle acidity


Cupping Score: 84.65

Coffee Details
Χώρα: Dominican Republic
Περιοχή: Barahona Paraiso
Φάρμα: Selected farmers
Υψόμετρο: 600-700 masl
Ποικιλίες: Typica, Caturra, Catuai, Mundo Novo
Οξύτητα: Gentle
Σώμα: Medium
Γεύση: Malty notes, ripe fruits, citrus sweet
Άρωμα: Malty
Διαθέσιμος: Coming Soon
Όψη κόκκου:
Περίοδος συγκομιδής:
Μέγεθος / Ποιότητα: Grade A
Επεξεργασία: Fully Washed
Malty notes, ripe fruits, citrus sweet
Malty notes, ripe fruits, citrus sweet
Stone fruit, mainly peaches


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